Effective Prescription-Only Chemicals For Lice Treatment In Miami

The head-louse is blood-sucking parasite capable of moving from the hair of one person to another. They stay attached to your hair-strands or crawl on your scalp with the help of tiny legs. It is extremely hard to get rid of these lice once they cozily nests in your hair and breed quickly. Your children may carry these lice from other children at playground or school. These stubborn creatures may stick to the strands of combs or to the fibers of your pillow-covers/comforters/bedspreads. They may spread to others from these areas. Hence, it is essential to seek lice treatment in Miami at the first sight of lice in order to nip their growth before it turns into an infestation.

Effective Clinical Treatment

There are many FDA-approved over-the-counter lice removing agents available in Miami. However, these chemicals are not as effective as the chemical lice-eradicators available through the clinics. You need either the prescription of a dermatologist or need to visit a lice-removing clinic in order to enjoy the benefits of these premium-quality perpendicular chemicals.

Malathion Lotion

The Malathion lotion is not only capable of eradicating the adult lice or the nymphs. This powerful chemical is also capable of killing the lice-eggs or nits. Only 0.5% Malathion is put in the lice-removing lotions due to its effectiveness. You need a doctor’s prescription to avail this lice treatment in Miami. It is essential to apply this lotion on dry hair and left it to become dry. It is advisable to rinse this lotion off your hair after 8-12 hours of its application.

A single application of this powerful lotion is enough to kill an entire colony of lice along with its eggs. Hence, it is the most effective lice treatment in Miami. Its reapplication is necessary only during the infestation of lice, as one dose is inadequate to kill thousands of lice. This chemical is unsuitable for children under six years of age due to its powerful characteristics. It is also essential to avoid any curling iron or hair dryer to avoid burning accidents from this inflammable chemical.

Benzyl Alcohol

The Benzyl alcohol is another powerful chemical used in the lice treatment in Miami. The lice-eradicating lotions contain only 0.5% of this chemical and these lotions are available only through prescriptions. This chemical asphyxiates and kills the lice instead of making them sedated. It is safe on any child above six months of age and may need one repeat application for complete eradication of lice.


This chemical is found in topical anti-lice solutions and only 0.9% of this chemical is used in the lotions. The soil bacteria are used to emanate this chemical and it is a safe lice treatment in Miami for anyone. The solutions containing Spinosad paralyze and kill the all stages of louse. For more information visit here: Orange Cross Lice Removal